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Historya ni Ha

MTRCB Rating: R13
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 4h : 10m
Director: Lav Diaz
Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Teroy Guzman, Mae Paner, Jun Sabayton, Dolly De Leon
1957. Hernando Alamada, Filipino vaudeville great and a former socialist cadre, fulfills the last leg of his performing tour on the Mayflower cruise ship. He knows that the Philippines is experiencing a bitter transition yet again; the much-loved and popular president, Ramon Magsaysay, suddenly dies in a plane crash. He arrives in his poverty-stricken barrio, his country's state and future burdening him heavily, and at the same time, a deep personal turmoil confronts him. He plods on an aimless journey. Akin to the Filipino 'bodabil', he finds himself on the gate of the theater of the absurd, a descent to burlesque, madness, to stark realities, and, ultimately, an ascent to his own redemption.

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