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  1. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. Please review our ONLINE PURCHASE POLICY, which will govern online purchases made through the Site.
  2. Tickets must be purchased only through the official Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas website ( or via the Araneta City mobile app.
  3. All information provided by you or collected by Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas in connection with your use of the Site and the purchase of tickets is governed by our PRIVACY POLICY which is deemed incorporated into these Terms.

House Rules

  1. Tickets shall not be resold or offered for resale at a profit, including via online auction sites or any secondary market, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.
  2. Management reserves the right, without refund of any amount paid, refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose conduct violates any law, or which management deems disorderly or who poses a clear danger to the public, uses vulgar or abusive language, violates rules, and other analogous reasons. Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas reserve the right to request you to leave the cinema at any point should you fail to comply with cinema rules and may take any appropriate action to enforce this right.
  3. The use or possession of any equipment or device intended for recording and/or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual, or audio-visual material, information, or data inside any Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas are strictly prohibited, and shall subject the offender to criminal prosecution for violation of Republic Act No. 10088, otherwise known as the “Anti-Camcording Act of 2010.”
  4. Your person and belongings may be searched upon entry into the cinemas. You consent to the conduct of searches upon your person and belongings and hereby waive any claims or action that may arise in relation thereto. If you elect not to consent to the conduct of searches, you may be denied entry into the cinema.
  5. Upon entering into any Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas, you voluntarily assume all risks and danger of personal injury (including death) and all hazards, including, but not limited to, falling, tripping, or slipping that may result from the presence of uneven floors, dimly lit stairs, darkness, and other risks that are inherent to entering a movie theater and watching a movie presentation. You likewise acknowledge and assume the risks from exposure to loud noises that may cause hearing problems, bright lights, unpredictable or surprising situations, or any acts by you or others because of fear, anxiety, dizziness, asthma, impaired vision, other physical or emotional conditions, or any act of negligence whatsoever on your part or on the part of other people.
  6. Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinemas reserve the right to transfer the screening/movie to a different cinema assignment, withdraw or substitute movie shown and/or vary advertised programs.
  7. The following items are prohibited inside the cinemas:
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Canned Beverages
  • Food Items with Foul Odor
  • Laser Pointers
  • Inflated Balloons
  • Bladed, sharp, and pointed weapons
  1. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be counterfeit or otherwise invalid. Void tickets are non-refundable.