Gateway Cineplex 10

Gateway Cineplex 10, situated at Level 4 of Gateway Mall, is the country’s first cineplex boasting of 10 luxuriously appointed cinemas with digital sound, Boral acoustic walls, and full stadium seating. The most remarkable features of the cineplex are the Platinum Cinema, the first Lazy-Z-Boy theater in the country; and Cinema 5, which has Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound, a surround sound technology that creates a three-dimensional effect.

Designed by international cinema consultant Ian Riches, the auditorium, layout and top-of-the-line features of the Cineplex were inspired by those enjoyed by moviegoers all over the world. Boasting of 2,283 total seating capacity, the Cineplex consists of 10 cinemas in various sizes – from the exclusive VIP cinema with 40 deluxe Lazy-Z-Boy chairs that offer intimate luxury, to the 524-seat impact theatre with a curved screen more than 60 feet wide. Each auditorium has provisional space for PWDs. The Cineplex vast central lobby is highlighted by the “Times Square” mural, created by theatre designer Fritz Ynfante and his team. Located above the mall’s food court, the Cineplex is likewise adjacent to a fine-dining restaurant, and is lined by coffee and sandwich shops for those who need a place to hang out before seeing a movie. Cinema-goers may also buy food from Snaxx, located beside the ticketing counter.

Level 4, Gateway Mall,
Araneta City

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