Cinema Rules and Regulations

To ensure an enjoyable movie viewing experience, Gateway Cineplex will not tolerate behaviour from individual or groups that is disturbing to other patrons such as being loud or displaying unruly actions like shouting or swearing; throwing objects like food items, candies and popcorn; bullying or threatening other moviegoers. Parents of children crying hysterically are expected to pacify them or take them outside for a few minutes to calm them down.

Any patron or group of patrons who do not comply may be asked to leave the cinema. A group of patrons with an unruly companion may be asked to leave the cinema as a whole when it is impossible to identify the person from the group that is causing the problem.

In addition to ejection from the cinema premises, any illegal conduct such as assault on another patron, causing physical damage to cinema property, or lewd / sexual acts committed within the premises will be reported to the Araneta City Security Department, with the perpetrators to be brought to Police Station 7.