1. What if I bought tickets online and have COVID-19 symptoms on the day of my screening?

The health of our customers is always our utmost priority, therefore please stay home, get some rest and get tested. No need to worry about your ticket because we will replace it with a complimentary pass you may claim on your next visit. Please bring a copy or screenshot of your confirmation email and fill up this form for documentation.

2. What if during my health check I am flagged as having symptoms of COVID-19?

Please inform any of our staff so that we can issue you complimentary passes in exchange for your tickets that you can use on your next visit. Unfortunately, snacks cannot be refunded for hygiene purposes, but please feel free to enjoy them at home.

3. May I remove my mask and/or face shield while watching the movie?

We understand that the movie will be enjoyed more without PPEs, but as stated in the latest IATF guidelines, personal protective equipment should stay worn for the entire duration of the movie.

4. May I eat while watching the movie?

As of the latest IATF guidelines, eating is prohibited inside the cinema as this will require the removal of PPEs. You may enjoy your snacks before or after the movie.

5. May I switch seats and sit with my companions once the movie has started?

As of the latest IATF guidelines, social distancing has to be maintained while inside the cinema. Physical distancing through social bubbles have yet to be approved.